Announcement of Opportunity 2014

The European Space Agency opens an Announcement of Opportunity for GNSS Evolution Scientific and Innovative Technology Research under the European GNSS Evolutions Programme (EGEP).  With this call the Agency intends to address the development of innovative technologies for all aspects of future Galileo and EGNOS (e.g. system architecture, space and ground components, user equipment) as well as innovative concepts for the use of signals, data, and infrastructure for  all kind of GNSS applications.  Results from these activities should provide recommendations and improvements for the design of the next generations of EGNOS & Galileo. The key goals of the GNSS Evolution Scientific and Innovative Technology Research Announcement of Opportunity are:

  • To elaborate concepts and/or design experiments which can improve scientific insights and foster innovation by making use of the European SatNav systems
  • To study innovative GNSS techniques and technologies (algorithms, software, hardware) in support of the preparation of future generations of EGNOS and Galileo.

Proposals are invited to address all innovative areas of science and technology which show innovative features for the evolution of EGNOS and Galileo and/or scientific applications belonging to one of the following categories:

Cat 1. Scientific applications and feasibility studies or experiments including new concepts for using: Navigation signals,  new space and ground equipment or new features for future generations of Galileo and EGNOS.
Cat 2. Innovative solutions in GNSS techniques, technologies (theory, algorithms, software, hardware, bread-boarding) and /or experimental activities  supporting the evolution of EGNOS and Galileo, ranging from space to user equipment level including technology developments and experimental demonstrations.

Please note that any clarifications with respect to this Announcement of Opportunity will be provided on EMITS ( )